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Made Proudly in the USA
Cedar Rapids, IA


How it Works

The SuperScraper’s unique design and utilization of carbide for its working edge give it a performance advantage over conventional “putty knife” type scrapers in actual surface preparation. 


Knife-edge scrapers function by cutting under the material that is to be removed, separating it from the work piece. The main contact point and force of the knife-edge is directed forward between the unwanted material and the work piece. In applications such as thick gaskets, it is the most effective tool for the first part of the surface preparation. With a majority of the force directed forward and the working edge cutting into the material being removed, much of it will remain on the work piece. The working edge of the knife- edge type scraper is not always flat and this can lead to grooving or scratching of the work piece. 


The SuperScraper’s working edge is made with a special proprietary blend of micro grain carbide. It has a hardness rating on the Rockwell scale of 92.4.  Normal tool steel is approximately 60. The carbide is precision ground using diamond wheels on three sides, providing two 90 degree working edges running the width of the scraper. The design of the SuperScraper allows the edge of the carbide to be the main contact point with the work piece. The greatest amount of force is applied and used to keep the carbide working edge in contact the with work piece. 


The carbide is then positioned to a rake angle and the forward force is used to remove the unwanted material from the work piece. The flat working edge of the carbide allows the downward force to be applied evenly across the entire edge, minimizing any gouging or scoring. When using on softer work pieces such as aluminum or wood, much lighter force is required. Instead of using a forward motion, the SuperScraper should be pulled back or drawn across the work piece. This creates what is called extreme rake angle (ERA) and is less likely to remove any of the work piece material along with the unwanted material. Since the surface of many work pieces is uneven and the carbide is much harder, the SuperScraper can also be used to smooth down or plane the work piece surface. 




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